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Outsourcing i leasing pracowniczy Outsourcing i leasing pracowniczy

Outsourcing and employee leasing

We guarantee our clients the employment of the most satisfactory employees from the point of view of the company’s interests, while ensuring that we offer your employees the most satisfactory working conditions from their perspective. By effectively striving for the harmonious synchronization of the interests of employers and employees for over 20 years, we ensure optimal profits for both parties.

For employers urgently looking for new employees, we have a wide range of employees ready to start work immediately. Our workforce consists of various nationalities and professions. We guarantee the selection of the best employees from the point of view of the effective implementation of the business objectives of the recruiting company. We also ensure transparency of all formal procedures related to employing employees in the EU.

Work to

For the Customer

  • Employee recruitment

  • Employee outsourcing

  • Employment of foreigners

  • Employee leasing

  • Legal and HR support

For the employee

  • Legalization of stay

  • Permanent job

  • Transport and accomodation

  • Insurance

  • Legal support

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