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Wsparcie przedsiębiorstw w kwestiach prawno-kadrowych Wsparcie przedsiębiorstw w kwestiach prawno-kadrowych

Support for enterprises in legal and personnel matters

We relieve the client in terms of HR, payroll and legal matters. We take responsibility for the legalization of work and residence documents of employees from outside the EU. We are also responsible for the salaries, salaries of employees and for keeping their files and full payroll, which reduces the client’s administrative costs.

We improve HR and payroll services for enterprises through:

  • Transfer of responsibility related to government offices.
  • Obligations to the employee.
  • Employee payroll and non-payroll settlements.

We operate comprehensively in order to improve the HR and payroll processes of the company. We are fully responsible for the employees and the legality of their work.

Work to

For the Customer

  • Employee recruitment

  • Employee outsourcing

  • Employment of foreigners

  • Employee leasing

  • Legal and HR support

For the employee

  • Legalization of stay

  • Permanent job

  • Transport and accomodation

  • Insurance

  • Legal support

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