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Supplement your staff with our employees!

Our specialization is professional human resource management in order to create international teams of employees in various sectors of the labor market.

From the point of view of potential employers, the main advantage of our company is the multifaceted network of contacts with local employment agencies in Asia and other continents, which we have built during decades of intense business and economic activity in these areas. It enables us to reliably select employees, ensuring cost optimization while ensuring employment of the best people. In a word, every employer who decides to use our services, we ensure the selection of the best qualified employees.

Szerokie spektrum oferowanych rozwiązań Szerokie spektrum oferowanych rozwiązań

A wide range of solutions offered

High-quality solutions, the scope of which includes – outsourcing, employee leasing, payroll – we achieve by working with recruitment specialists from various countries. Thanks to this, we relieve clients of bureaucratic work related to the process of hiring new employees. Professional services undertaken by us in this area exclude the possibility of “unpleasant surprises”, sometimes occurring as a result of failure to ensure the legality of the documents required when employing foreigners.

Międzynarodowa sieć kontaktów Międzynarodowa sieć kontaktów

International network of contacts

The fact that we work with many non-European local markets, and as a result of which we have a wide range of employees of various nationalities and professions, guarantees the selection of the best employees from the point of view of the effective implementation of the business objectives of the recruiting company.

Invest in the best employees


partners worldwide


strategic partners

M.Pillar recruits employees from outside Europe to Europe – quickly, efficiently and safely.

We guarantee our clients the employment of the most satisfactory employees from the point of view of the company’s interests, while ensuring that we offer your employees the most satisfactory working conditions from their perspective. By effectively striving for the harmonious synchronization of the interests of employers and employees for over 20 years, we ensure optimal profits for both parties.

We create teams
in many sectors 

Production workers

Construction workers

Packers and sorters

Manual workers


Machine operators

Hotel staff









Forklift drivers

Seamsters / Seamstresses


Is it possible to hire an employee directly by the client?

It all depends on the terms of the contract and the type of work. The employee’s plans and intentions are also important. We are open to various opportunities and business solutions positively influencing your company. The most important thing for us is customer and employee satisfaction.

Who selects employees?

The M.pillar team selects employees. We have experienced specialists in many countries, thanks to which we reach to the locally interested employees.

Do you guarantee the supply of stable workers?

Yes, we put emphasis on the specific preparation of an employee according to the client’s order, but in the case of justified circumstances and the need to provide another employee, we are equal to the task and provide replacement within the prescribed period.

Business Partners

You can contact our branches and business partners from all over the world.