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Our work
is for you!

We guarantee our employees attractive job offers, on the one hand, tailored to their current professional profile, and on the other hand – enabling them to gain new experience, develop their skills and gradually rise up the hierarchy within the European labor market.

In addition to salaries adequate to the degree of specialization of the work performed, we provide support provided by a team of coordinators. We do this to enable our employees to acclimatize to their new workplace as smoothly as possible.

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  • Transport to EU

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High-quality contracts offered by our employment agency include covering the costs of accommodation, transport, insurance fees, professional support in the application process, including the preparation of documents needed for visa applications and the finalization of procedures for legalization of work and stay in a new place. We guarantee no additional fees, permanent regular work, the possibility of working overtime and additional bonuses. This guarantee is covered by the fact that, as a direct employer, we ensure transparency of all formal procedures related to the employment process. We require nothing from our employees except readiness to work.  We work for you! Why wouldn’t you work for us?


Is it possible to change the workplace?

Our main task is to prepare an employee for a given position, for a selected client, in such a way that he is permanently in a given workplace. However, we do not exclude the possibility of changing the workplace due to specific circumstances. We always try to ensure that the employee is satisfied, it is not our custom to give up the employee in the event of a change of workplace, we try to ensure continuity of work and the possibility of development in another place or field.

Who pays the media?

Also M. Pillar

Are job offers available only in central Poland?

No, we have job offers all over Poland and in the near future in other European countries.

Do employees have the opportunity to develop?

Of course, we try to provide each employee with the opportunity to develop and acquire new skills – training, courses, etc … Ambitious employees can be promoted to higher positions requiring additional qualifications.

Who bears the costs related to the legalization of work and stay?

M. Pillar covers the costs of legalization. The employees associated with M.Pillar do not incur any costs. Additionally, they have legal support in this regard.

Can I work for a year or longer?

Yes, we employ employees for a minimum of a year. If both parties are satisfied, we extend the stay and the contract.

Do I have any support from M. Pillar after arrival or am I on my own?

From the moment of landing, the employee is looked after by a coordinator, who helps with accommodation and transportation, introduction to the company and support in solving any problems related to work and stay in Poland.

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