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    The employment agency we run deals with the recruitment of employees from outside Europe to Europe. We guarantee professional services in the implementation of various legal, administrative and bureaucratic procedures related to the legalization of work, as well as stay in EU Member States for employees from Asia and other continents.

  • Selected employees

    We conduct recruitment processes in looking for of employees for selected industries at various levels. In order to meet staffing requirements, we offer both manual and office workers from distant Asia and other continents.

  • Facilitated communication

    A multilingual coordinator facilitates communication between the client and the employee. He watches over the employee, introducing him to the company’s habits and controlling his work. It supports the employee in everyday matters related to both work and stay in Poland and the EU.

  • Legalization of work and stay

    We provide support in the legalization of work and stay of employees from outside the European Union. We solve all doubts regarding official matters. We help in obtaining a temporary and permanent residence card in the country.

  • Long-term relationships

    We build close relationships with the employee, focusing on long-term relationships between the parties. This allows you to reduce turnover in the company and ensures greater stability in the staff.

We operate internationally, we invite you to cooperate!

We specialize in human resource management to create international teams of employees in various sectors.

For Partners

Recruitment of workers from Asia and Africa Recruitment of workers from Asia and Africa

Recruitment of employees from Asia, Africa and other continents

We look for the best candidates for selected positions in accordance with the orders of our Partners. We employ citizens, including Philippines, Indonesia, India, Nepal, Vietnam, Ethiopia, etc.. We operate in many sectors and industries.

Outsourcing and employee leasing Outsourcing and employee leasing

Outsourcing and employee leasing

We have a wide base of contacts and employees ready to take temporary and permanent work. We are looking for selected specialists for each project. It can be a replacement or supplementation of the team for a project requiring more employees.

Legal and HR support Legal and HR support

Legal and HR support

We relieve the client in terms of HR, payroll and legal matters. We take responsibility for the legalization of work and residence documents of employees from outside the EU. We are also responsible for the salaries, wages of employees and for keeping their files and full payroll, which reduces the client’s administrative costs.

For the Employee

Legalization of stay and work Legalization of stay and work

Legalization of stay and work

We help in the process of legalizing your stay and allows you to legally work in Poland and the European Union. Our team solves all bureaucratic problems that you may encounter while applying for a residence or work permit in Poland.

Transport, insurance and accommodation Transport, insurance and accommodation

Transport, insurance and accommodation

We provide all necessary services before arrival and on site. Working with us, you can be sure of a contract, health and pension insurance contributions. We have a base of accommodation available for our employees.

Permanent job Permanent job

Permanent job

We have a wide range of permanent job offers. We provide good contract conditions and work continuity in a satisfactory number of hours. Depending on the type of work and the workplace, we guarantee overtime work or work on weekends.

Business Partners

You can contact our branches and business partners from all over the world.

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For the Customer

  • Employee recruitment

  • Employee outsourcing

  • Employment of foreigners

  • Employee leasing

  • Legal and HR support

For the employee

  • Legalization of stay

  • Permanent job

  • Transport and accomodation

  • Insurance

  • Legal support

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