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We specialize in legalizing work and stay, outsourcing and employee leasing.

We are a dynamically developing company specializing in coordinating the circulation of employees from Asia and Africa in the EU Member States, including Poland. The headquarters of M. Pillar is located in Warsaw, but we operate throughout Poland. We operate on the basis of a certificate of entry in the register of entities running employment agencies under the number: 24650.

Many years of experience, reflected in the implementation of hundreds of intercontinental recruitment projects, makes us the undoubted leader of innovative solutions in the field of employing workers from Asia and other continents. Compared to competing employment agencies, we are distinguished by a number of features that make our offer attractive to both potential clients and hypothetical employees.

 Legalizacja pobytu i pracy Legalizacja pobytu i pracy

Recruitment of employees in Asian and Eastern countries

We recruit in Asian and Eastern countries for any type of position, both for those who require qualifications and those who do not require qualifications. In the case of recruitment of specialists and people with higher qualifications, their skills are checked by our specialists in their home country and we receive documentation proving their experience.

Ubezpieczenie zdrowotneUbezpieczenie zdrowotne

International cooperation

We have a network of offices and partners all over the world, especially in Asia. Our foreign branches and business partners around the world help in finding the best candidates and organizing a flight to Poland. M.Pillar also provides transport from the airport and the possibility of accommodation.

What makes us stand out

We form an international team with different views, experiences and ideas. We are able to provide professional service to our clients and employees. We are a leader in innovative solutions in the field of recruitment and employment of workers from Asia and other continents. Our partners from all over the world also have over 20 years of experience in recruiting employees responding to the needs of our clients. We help entrepreneurs optimize labor and employee retention costs while employing the best staff.

A to Z process

A to Z process

We recruit, legalize, provide insurance and form employees.

Knowledge and experience

Knowledge and experience

We have many years of experience in finding the perfect employees for selected positions.

Constant contact

Constant contact

We are in constant contact by e-mail and telephone with both our clients and employees.

Psychological skills

Psychological skills

Our interpersonal skills enable us to provide people who are motivated to work.

Advanced data analysis

Advanced data analysis

We analyze the needs of our clients in many aspects so as to provide what you need.

Exemplary selection

Choosing the right people for the job is critical to the success of your business goals.


Work to

For the Customer

  • Employee recruitment

  • Employee outsourcing

  • Employment of foreigners

  • Employee leasing

  • Legal and HR support

For the employee

  • Legalization of stay

  • Permanent job

  • Transport and accomodation

  • Insurance

  • Legal support

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